Essentials You Need to Understand About the Abilify Lawsuit

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Lawyers from various firms have gathered and filed lawsuits on behalf of patients who suffered gambling losses after the antipsychotic medication Abilify prescription. The information on Abilify’s prescription never listed gambling as a probable side effect until recently. After intensive research, scientific research connected the drug to obsessive gaming, with FDA sending warnings about new addictions to shopping, eating, and sex in May 2016. Some people who had never portrayed any behavior of compulsiveness reported that after taking Abilify, they found gambling getting uncontrollable. As it is, this is a severe condition that could quickly destroy people’s lives. Should someone suffer from this uncontrollable urge, no doubt it keeps taking a toll on their finances and could easily render them financially unstable and socially hurt.

Reasons for Continued Abilify Lawsuits

The number of lawsuits against Abilify has continued to grow with some being made by individuals and others by groups. They are coming out strongly condemning the manufactures for withholding warnings about the threat of obsessive betting associated with Abilify. By keeping silent about these side effects, the users and their beloved ones could not recognize what brought about the urge to gamble. The victims were only led to distressing times and severe financial losses, which eventually affected their families. Mainly the cases are brought against Otsuka Pharmaceuticals and Bristol-Myers Squibb for such a high level of negligence. In October 2016, the litigation was transferred to M. Casey Rodgers, a U.S district judge.

A Bit of Information Regarding Abilify

Aripiprazole, also known as Abilify is an antipsychotic, which was first approved to treat schizophrenia, before again getting approved to treat other disorders. Mostly, it is taken as a pill although it could also be injected. Even if the drug was passed, it seems that there are professionals who failed in their part. Some court credentials indicate that two drug manufacturers failed to test Abilify and childhood diabetes risks. To make it worse, they overstated the benefits of the drug and urged the doctors to prescribe it for treatment purposes not endorsed by FDA. The side effects are hurtful and financially injurious. It is sad to see someone develop an inexorable urge for something that harms them.

Results Yielded as a Result of the Ever-Cropping Lawsuits

Following persistence of consequent lawsuits, Bristol-Myers Squibb was charged in 2005 and paid $515 million to the United States government as a penalty. They were accused of aggressively marketing Abilify for an unapproved off-tag function to children, adolescents, and geriatric patients. On the other hand, Otsuka Pharmaceutical paid $4million to the US government in 2008. They were charged with marketing Abilify to nursing facilities and child psychiatrists, equally for unapproved off-label purposes. In 2016, FDA announced their move to add labels on Abilify, where they would warn the users on compulsive behaviors. The same was done in January 2016, but according to FDA, the labeling did not send its impact far enough. As it is, the benefits of the drugs do not outweigh the risks, hence causing more harm than good.

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