Nexium Could be Causing Kidney Disease And Renal Failure

//Nexium Could be Causing Kidney Disease And Renal Failure

We have all seen the commercials for the little purple pill. Nexus is marketed based on its color as it stands out well on the store shelves. People know what it is when they very first see it. While this pill has become popular due to marketing tactics, we should all also understand that it is potential harmful to our health.

New studies are out which suggest that the prolonged use of drugs like Nexium can lead to kidney disease and even renal failure. The worst part is that it is believed to be a very slow process that largely goes unnoticed by those who are suffering from it until it is far too late. Kidney failure can creep up and then you are just stuck with dealing with the consequences. You can find further information on this issue on Nexium lawsuit.

The magazine Kidney International was the first to publish the study. In the study, some 125,000 patients were observed and their use of certain types of drugs like Nexium were monitored. In those who developed kidney disease, half were said to not have shown signs or been aware that they had a problem beforehand.

The scary part of all of this for a lot of us is that around 15 million Americans use PPI drugs like Nexium to help treat heartburn. Perhaps it is the diet we consume or some other environmental factor, but a lot of us suffer from heartburn. We seek the quick and easy relief of a drug and the next thing you know it turns out that drug has huge side effects that we do not want to have to deal with.

The study that was done followed patients over a five year observation period. It was determined that 80 percent of PPI users did not develop kidney problems, but that still lives a large number who have.

Kidney disease is a very serious thing. Those who end up with end stage kidney disease have kidneys that can no longer process waste out of the human body. That may require them to seek drastic measures such as dialysis or even a kidney transplant just to remain alive.

These fates are not something that anyone should have to face. We should all be made aware of the potential risks of taking drugs like Nexium. Nexium itself has recently been moved to an over the counter status. It is no longer necessary to have a prescription in order to get this pill. That is scary for a lot of researchers because it means that even more people will have easy access to this drug. A lot of consumers believe that if something is offered over the counter that it must be extremely safe to use. That is often not the case though as can be said of this drug.

The bottom line is that while many users may take Nexium and not experience any negative consequences, there are some who just might pay a very big price for using this drug on a regular basis over their lifetime.

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