What is a Gastroenterologist?

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What is a Gastroenterologist?

A gastroenterologist, or GI tract doctor, can be described as a medical professional that diagnoses and treats GI diseases. These professionals treat both men and women who have complaints about their GI tract or answers that they need responses to. Either way, people who work in this profession are responsible for specializing in a number of different related areas including performing surgery on patients that need the help. Primarily, the work that they do is usually performed in a clinic or a hospital setting. So, for those of you who are interested in what they do, here are some essential facts about this profession.

An individual’s GI system does quite a few things in making sure the body is functioning correctly when it involves:

– Moving and digesting food

– Absorbing essential nutrients from the food consumed

– Removing waste from the body

All of which is part of the diagnosis and treatment that a gastroenterologist offers to the patients that they see. While the beginning of the treatment does begin with the mouth, the medical treatment that they provide excludes dental work that focuses on the oral cavity. Instead, these professionals are concerned with the parts of the body that is addressed in this list: tongue, anus, liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestines, salivary glands and the esophagus. All of which are part of the services that these medical professionals provide when there are problems discovered in the body.

When a gastroenterologist is involved in these types of medical problems, they may be minor issues of concern that simply need to be addressed with some form of conservative treatment that can be recommended from over the counter. On the other hand, when these medical illness and conditions are much more complex and severe in nature, the patient may be need or more aggressive treatment. Some of which are usually diagnosed as one of the following: gastrointestinal cancer, reflux esophagitis, chronic inflammation of the digestive tract, and pancreatic disease.

That said, these professionals must be well versed and trained in these and other medical problems in order to prescribe the proper medications and treatment for these conditions.

Required Education Needs and Training

To become a medical professional in this field, the individual will need to earn a 4 year college degree from an accredited institution. Once the person has received a bachelors, the next step in this process is to attend a 4 year program in medical school. After that, a gastroenterologist will need to complete their residency via a 3 year training program that focuses on internal medicine. Alongside other seasoned professionals in this field, they will also receive the professional mentorship that is needed to do this job. More specialized training is required for this area too since the training also entails endoscopy training. All of the training and requirements are complete when this doctor has obtained their certification from the state in which they work.

Even though some people may not recognize the name of this medical professional right away, they are some common areas of the body that they are responsible for. Some of the most notable include problems with the digestion system and other connected parts of the body.

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